Trump Aided by the Russians? The Shocking Truth About Fake News—Part 1

Just when conservatives and evangelicals thought it was safe to take a breath after the surprise defeat of Hillary Clinton at the polls, the alternative media—Alex Jones and many other internet-based bloggers and YouTubers—are keeping tensions high over concerns that Clinton is still attempting to steal the hard-won election from Donald Trump by using her vast political machine to threaten and intimidate the electoral college in advance of their December 19th vote.

Even the vaunted conservative news aggregator, Drudge Report, posted a headline shouting “ELECTORS UNDER SIEGE!” beneath a photo of Donald Trump, flanked by Christmas trees, behind a podium with a sign that reads, “Merry Christmas U.S.A.” (The picture appears to be from the president-elect’s “Thank You Tour” stop in Florida.)

[BTW—A quick shout-out to the Trump campaign for bucking political correctness and putting “Merry Christmas” front and center over U.S.A.—when it’s nearly impossible to see this traditional greeting used in big retail or civic venues across this “great” land.]

And then there are related fears that our current Manchurian President, the two-term undocumented Barack Hussein Obama, (1) is “doing his darnedest” to  provoke WWIII with Russia prior to the inauguration—thus completing a Progressive Democratic (Communist) coup in America, with the intention of keeping himself in office in perpetuity.

(Predictably, these fears—whether founded or not—emerge every time there is a change in party affiliation of the President; and the villain, according to the losing party, is always the incumbent.)

We’ll analyze one such report in an upcoming column. But first, let’s take a look at recent reports “from credible sources” concerning 1) an effort to steal the election from Donald J. Trump through the Electoral College vote on Monday, December 19; and 2) an alleged CIA conspiracy to assassinate the President-Elect prior to the inauguration.

Last week, Alex Jones, founder of alt-news websites and, posted an “Emergency-On-The-Road-Report” (ostensibly recorded as he drove into work). Jones’ online report opened in dramatic flare to the sound of an air-raid siren, accompanied with a flashing emergency-light graphic, as he introduced his special broadcast:


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Alex Jones filing an emergency on the road report…. This is the most intense, important alert I’ve ever put out — I was sure of this last week, I contacted the proper parties, I’ve run this intel up a lot of important, informed flag poles. And they all concurred that there is a plan…to try and steal the election from the American people and from Donald J. Trump…. (2)

[Sarcasm on] Well, stop the presses and storm the streets! Do you mean to tell me that the hard-fought victory for Trump may yet go down in flames? Are America’s precious liberties—along with Sunday Night Football (and Monday Night, and Thursday Night) at risk of being lost? Please, tell us what we gotta do, Alex! [Sarcasm off]

If the sarcasm seems unjustified, here’s one of the top comments responding to Jones’s report: “Will be the coldest day in hell when they steal this election. Its going to be civil war, plain and simple if they try it.” Well, the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction; at some point, the architects of the New World Order are committed, as the Latin motto of the Masonic Thirty-third Degree indicates, to bring “ordo ab chao” or “order out of chaos.” (3)

Without any doubt, there have been, and continue to be, incredible manipulations and deceptions of the American people with regard to this election in particular; but perhaps nothing all that unusual since the advent of television, the influence of Hollywood upon presidential politics, and the infiltration of major news media by the CIA in the 1950s.

Since the time of those “trustworthy” patriotic news reels of WWI and WWII, Americans used to be proud knowing that political propaganda was only produced by Communist nations who sought to manipulate public opinion and stifle dissent; and that psychological ploys and brazen falsehoods would never dare be forged in the “Land of the Free!”

And while a growing segment of the population grows increasingly aware and weary of obvious bias and agenda in the mainstream media today, a surprising number of adults fail to realize the extent that they are being lied to, and why; that the architects of the New World Order routinely not only use “news media” as primary outlets of propaganda against the American people—but that the government may now legally lie to and through the news media without repercussion.

As reported by Michael Hastings of BuzzFeed, the 2012 version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) included an amendment that legalized used of propaganda on the American public…. This means that “the State Department and Pentagon can go beyond manipulating mainstream media outlets and directly disseminate campaigns of misinformation to the U.S. public.” (4)

Let that sink in for a moment: What the media reports on events—as well as the events themselves—may be entirely concocted and created as “psyops” (psychological operations) by counter intelligence agencies—paid for by U.S. taxpayers—which are dedicated to, and actively engaged in, public deception on a mass scale, for the benefit of ongoing “regime change” in governments foreign and domestic.

Could this explain some of the unusual claims by media with regard to “Russian” cyber attacks? Let’s return to our emergency “on-the-road” report by Alex Jones:

Three weeks ago they come out with this ‘secret intelligence report’ that Obama talks about, and claimed that the Russians were manipulating the election…. Earlier this week, the Washington Post came out and said the Russians hacked the election, but then they were forced to come out and say we have no evidence for that, we just made it up. They had to retract. That was on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday, the Obama administration comes out with some fraction or some rogue element of the CIA, and says, ‘…we have evidence, but we can’t show it to you, that the Russians basically interfered in the election….’

And then I called everybody and I said look — I called ‘em on Friday and I called — the folks you can imagine I called — and I said, you watch — they’re going to roll out a lot of leftist CIA people, like Bob Baher — sure enough, he surfaced on Saturday — on CNN, and they’re gonna call for a new election to be held. (5)

(Well, we’re still not sure who Jones may have called—but it was clearly important enough for him to let us know that he was the one who called ‘em—four times he called ‘em! — Was it Captain America? The Avengers? Ghostbusters?)

But seriously, Jones may have reason for valid concern. To be sure, there is evidence that elements opposed to Trump (whether real or fake) are working to create chaos in the electoral college and conflict in the public square. But for what purpose? Is it because Trump truly represents a threat to the establishment (as Alex Jones, Dave Hodges, and a host of other alternative media personalities maintain)?

Or could it be because the Powers That Be wish to maintain the illusion that Trump is just an ordinary champion of the people who is being unfairly targeted, in order to keep his supporters perpetually anxious and misdirected, while the “hidden hand” continues to operate and obfuscate as it always has?

Indeed, it seems ludicrous to suggest that Russia intervened in America’s “free election” of Donald Trump. (“Enemies domestic” are adept enough at this already—and certainly don’t need foreign assistance). But it is even more unbelievable for prominent talking heads to feign righteous indignation at the prospect of foreign interference—except that it provides fuel for a few Hollywood stars and their leftist fans to demand that republican electors “do the right thing” by rejecting the will of the people in their respective states. (6)

Historians and thinking people, however, already know the truth: That America’s alphabet agencies have long been involved in secretive and successful regime change efforts—with operations involving illegal and immoral acts, from violence to vote tampering. In the world of deep state spycraft, there is no code of ethics except “the end justifies the means.”

Are the American people really so gullible as to believe that “Russia is guilty, but our hands are clean?” How long will the populace tolerate this foolish fairytale and be tossed to and fro by every wind of falsehood?

The Centre for Research on Globalization maintains a “Master List of U.S. ‘Regime Changes’” which spans more than 60 years and includes almost five dozen cases of political tampering by the United States. (7) Numerous other websites offer details on dozens of actions by the United States of America which have involved deep state actions against sovereign nations.

Therefore, it is highly disingenuous and insulting that television pundits cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that American agencies themselves are a primary instigator of deception and misdirection both at home and abroad. Considering the credentials of ex-CIA operative Bob Baher, this is especially hypocritical:

The Russians, it looks like to me, did interfere in our elections. We’ll never be able to decide whether they changed the outcome, but I’ll tell you—having worked in the CIA, if we had been caught interfering in European elections, or Asian elections, or anywhere in the world, those countries would call for new elections. Any democracy would. I don’t see it any other way—the electoral college, before the 19th, has got to know whether the Russians had an effect…. I’m deeply disturbed by the fact that the Russians interfered, and I would like to see the evidence…. If the evidence is there, I don’t see any other way than to vote again. (8)

It seems the key phrase in Baher’s statement is “if we had been caught interfering…” (which leaves plenty of room for the prospect that American agencies have and do engage in political tampering).

Considering the the numerous staged broadcasts and green-screen anomalies through the years—from Charles Jaco’s terribly staged (comically so, in hindsight) reporting from “Gulf War I” (9) to Anderson Cooper’s green-screen mishaps during the Sandy Hook charade, (10) it’s no wonder that in the minds of many, CNN is the epitome of “fake news.”

As many came to learn about Osama bin Laden after 9/11, “once a CIA asset, always a CIA asset.” This appears to be the case with Anderson Cooper, having interned with the agency for two summers during his education at Yale (11) —the infamous breeding ground for elite Freemasons and “Bonesmen” whose roster includes both George W. Bush and John Kerry (who once “opposed” each other in the 2004 presidential election). (12)

Now declassified, “Operation Mockingbird” reveals that from the 1950s to the 1970s, the CIA “recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network to help present the CIA’s views. It funded some student and cultural organizations and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns….” (13)

Given this history of our government’s involvement in creating and disseminating fake news, it is almost amusing that CNN would roll out the opinion of “ex-CIA” veteran, Bob Baher, to “certify” suspicions of Russian tampering, and to call for a new presidential election.

Of course, one of the loudest and most insistent voices alleging that Russian hackers aided the Trump campaign comes from the Clinton camp—specifically Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, who stated:

We now know that the CIA has determined Russia’s interference in our elections was for the purpose of electing Donald Trump. This should distress every American. Never before in the history of our Republic have we seen such an effort to undermine the bedrock of our democracy. This is not a partisan issue and we are glad to see bipartisan support in the Congress for an investigation into Russia’s role. (14)

It is laughable to hear one of the foremost dealers of political chicanery to mask his own deceit with such empty altruism. “Never before in the history of our Republic have we seen such an effort to undermine the bedrock of our democracy?”

Sure we have, John—and your boss is at the center of it!


[Please see part two for the continuation of this column…]




Those within our government—and all those who are involved in the creation and distribution of “fake news”—will one day come to fear God; but those who fear God today need not be anxious about what men may do, or say:

Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.
—Proverbs 12:22

Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.
—Psalm 31:18

Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lipsand from a deceitful tongue.
—Psalm 120:2




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