Victory in Trump — Or Victory in Jesus?

While the 2016 presidential election results may spell “relief” for many Christians and conservatives who feared the crookedness and communism of Hillary Clinton, the presidency of Donald Trump may also loom large in the annals of history as a harbinger of greater trials and tribulation.

Trump is by no means or measure a perfect man. But by God’s great mercy, we’ve been spared from the designs of a serial liar and traitor-in-chief who covers her criminal actions with assassinations and who sells political favors, natural resources, and military secrets to America’s enemies, and who supports the murder of healthy babies as they are being delivered.

But whether or not Trump is a true populist or simply a “second string” puppet of the globalist elite remains to be seen.

If he is the former, and takes on the establishment or stands in the way of corporate cronyism and the New World Order agenda, he stands in grave danger of being targeted as JFK—whose fatal “mistake” was his pledge to pull the plug on endless wars, and his promise to expose covert regime changes instigated by the U.S. shadow government and secret societies.

Given the way things really work in Washington, it stands to reason that as long as Trump maintains his promise to “modernize our military” (which means to pour mountains of money into bullets and bombs to fight ISIS—a creation of our own shadow government), he will get a free pass from the Powers That Be.

But there are other ways that America’s military machinery might be re-fueled. Trump’s promise to deport illegals may be exactly the fuse that the globalists seek to ignite in order to roll out martial law in cities across the country. Any resulting “domestic terrorism” will have the opposite effect of restoring freedom; in fact, it will strip Americans of rights under the so-called “PATRIOT Act” as enacted under President George W. Bush and as extended under Barack Hussein Obama.

(Obama, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, has ironically served as America’s longest-running wartime leader—after campaigning on the promise of ending the wars of his predecessor. The moral of the story: Presidents don’t dictate what the military may do; the military-industrial complex dictates what presidents will do, at the pleasure of foreign banks and multinational corporations.)

So, my concern is that in their haste to celebrate a hard-fought victory against all vote-rigging odds of Hillary’s criminal allies, many conservatives and Christians still fail to see the big picture of what is occurring in our nation, both pragmatically and prophetically.

Whether we like it or not, the United States is being forcibly transformed into a North American Union, which is in accordance with the globalist agenda, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. This reality will continue to unfold, even under a Trump presidency.

And contrary to the mantle many Americans seek to bestow upon the president-elect, he cannot be the savior of the United States. He will not only be prevented from building a wall (because it flies in the face of the globalist agenda to create a North American Union) but he will not be able to rescue America from the towering national debt that was doubled under the Obama administration.

(In this regard, the Federal Reserve—a private multi-national bank—has more power and control over the fate of the union than does the President of the United States.)

Viewing the NBC coverage live on election night, the haste with which even mainstream media appeared to acknowledge Trump the victor in advance of final tallies seemed to be quite unusual—leading some to conclude that for reasons which remain to be seen, this may be one election the elite allowed Trump to win.

Already, some analysts believe that with the world financial markets teetering on the verge of collapse, that a Trump presidency may act as the perfect lightning rod for economic calamity to strike.

So, while morally-conscience conservatives and Christians may breathe a collective sigh of relief at escaping wrath under the reign of Hillary, the respite may be brief. In fact, any number of events could befall our nation before or after the inauguration.

The truth is, rejoicing could quickly turn to regret (not that voters were given a genuine choice). In fact, Americans may shortly be hit with even greater challenges than would have been presented under a corrupt Clinton administration; because the Clintons were not the source of the corruption, but rather only a symptom.

Conservatives may quickly realize that even a Republican Congress is unable to reverse years of foolishness and fraud within our laws and institutions. The invisible hands of international banks and foreign enemies of the “independent” United States who funded the Clinton Crime Syndicate are still at large; and they control the purse strings which not only have the power to build, but to destroy.

Equipped with knowledge of this reality, we certainly pray that God will bless and direct, guide and protect Donald Trump from harm; and that may he truly be led by the principles and values of those who carried him to victory, resisting the enormous temptation of personal enrichment through the power of his office.

And for all Bible-believing Christians who seek to understand the times from a prophetic perspective, may their time, talent, and resources not become consumed with “making America great again” but invested in the rescuing lost souls for the kingdom of heaven.

Imagine the change in our country if every confessing believer was as fervent and faithful in presenting the gospel as they were preoccupied with the presidential campaign.

How about this church slogan for 2017: “Each one reach one!”

Now THAT would bring true hope and change to the nation—an “election victory” worth celebrating not just for a term, but for eternity.